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Artist Name Label Name
H-bomb Holiday Camp Wolverine
H.d.q. Big Beat
H.m.s. Bounty Gear Fab
Haack, Bruce Omni Recording Corp.
Haarla Sextet, Iro Tum Records
Haarla, Iro & Ulf Krokfors Tum Records
Haarla, Iro - Ulf Krokfors & Barry Altschul Tum Records
Haarla, Iro - Ulf Krokfors Loco Motife Tum Records
Habian, Cliff Jamey Aebersold
Hacke, Alexander Koolarrow
Hacker, Ron Ron Hacker
Hacker, Ron & The Hacksaws Ron Hacker
Hacker, Ron And The Hacksaws Hacksaw Records
Hacker, Ron Hacksaws, The Saloon
Hackett, Bobby Jazzology
Haddad, Bassam Afd
Hadden, Craig & Charlie Carr Stockfisch
Hadfield, Taryn Next Records
Hadjithomas, Joana & Khalil Joreige Typecast Releasing
Haeffner, Nick Hanky Panky
Haerle, Dan Jamey Aebersold
Haerle, Dan & Mark Levine Jamey Aebersold
Hafer Quartet, The Dick Progressive
Hafez, Abdel Halim Afd
Haggart, Bob Jazzology
Haggart, Lawson Jazzology
Haider Trio, Joe Be! Jazz
Haig, Al Progressive
Haight, Russell Oa2 Records
Haines, Connie With The Russ Case Orchestra Audiophile
Hainsworth, Jason Origin Records
Hal Stein-warren Fitzgerald Quintet Progressive
Halberstadt, Randy Origin Records
Halcox, Pat Jazzology
Halden Electric
Halen, Carl Jazzology
Halfway House Orchestra, The Jazz Oracle
Hall & Oates Dynamic - Italy
Hall Quartet, Doug Heart
Hall Trio, Doug Heart
Hall's Society Jazz Band, Ghb
Hall's Society Jazz Band, Andrew Ghb
Hall, Daryl / John Oates K2 Hd
Hall, Dickson ...and More Bears
Hall, Edmond Jazzology
Hall, Edmond Elsdon, Alan Jazzology
Hall, Herb Ewell, Don Kimball, Jeanette Jazzology
Hall, Jared Origin Records
Hall, Jim Pure Pleasure Records
Hall, Juanita Audiophile
Hall, Roy Bear Family
Hall, Tony Osmosys - Uk
Halperin, Jimmy - Dominic Duval Trio Cimp
Hamar, Jon Origin Records
Hambler, Kenny Arctic
Hamelin, Jean-pascal Fidelio Audio
Hamer Sextet, Ian Jasmine
Hamilton Iv, George Bear Family
Hamilton Jazz Band, Doug Oa2 Records
Hamilton Quintet, Scott Progressive
Hamilton Trio, Jeff Capri Records
Hamilton, Big John Soulscape
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