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Artist Name Label Name
Ramos, Kid Rip Cat Records
Rampart Street Paraders At Storyville Jump
Rampires Longneck Records
Ramsey, Bill Bear Family
Ranagri Stockfisch
Ranch Girls & The Ragtime Wranglers Hayden's Ferry
Randolph, Joyce Gunsmoke
Randolph, Robert & The Family Band Warner Bros.
Randy & The Radiants Big Beat
Randy Goodrum Nova
Raney, Jimmy Jamey Aebersold
Raney, Jimmy Criss Cross
Raney, Jimmy Flanagan, Tommy Mraz, George Criss Cross
Raney, Jimmy Lightsey, Kirk Criss Cross
Raney, Sue Studio West
Range Rats Mississippi Records
Ranglin, Ernest & Avila Avila Street Records
Rank And File Drastic Plastic Records
Ranks, Shabba Epic
Ransom, Bill Bongo Time Records
Rao, Enzo Velez, Glen Nomad deac-06/01/00
Rao, Shubhendra India Archives
Raphael & Shakya Malimba Records
Rapiers, The Ace - Uk
Rapp, Tom - Pearls Before Swine 4 Men With Beards
Rappin 4-tay Stay True Records
Rapt Quartiers Populaires Culture Press
Rapture, The Gravity
Rashomon Cineploit
Raskin, Jon Rastascan
Rasmussen, Ole Bear Family
Rasoul N-fusion
Rastegar-nejad, Nasser Lyrichord Discs
Rasto Culture Press
Rathbun, Andrew Large Ensemble Origin Records
Rationals, The Big Beat
Rattler Magic Bullet
Raukous Nothing But A Nightmare
Rave, Dave - Group Hanky Panky
Ravenscroft, Bob & Inner Journeys Oa2 Records
Rawls, Johnny Topcat
Rawls, Johnny Jsp deac-03/01/99
Rawls, Johnny Catfood Records
Rawls, Johnny And The Rays Catfood Records
Ray And His Court Sound Triangle
Ray Charles Singers, The Hit Parade
Ray Moore, Rudy Kent
Ray Ray Upset Records
Ray, Dave "snaker" Blue Suit
Ray, Johnnie Bear Family
Ray, Johnnie A Proper Introduction
Ray, Ricardo Alegre
Ray, Vince And The Boneshakers Raucous
Ray, Wade Bear Family
Rayford, Sugaray Nimoy Sue Records
Rayford, Sugaray Delta Groove Music
Raygun Cowboys Stomp Records
Raymond, Al Star Satellite
Raymond, Clem Delmark
Raymond, Paige Cavvy R. Records
Razavi, Mason Oa2 Records
Razorbats Self Destructo
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