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Label LabelCode
D Clef Records DCR
D.o.b. Entertainment DOB
Daffodil DAF
Dais DAC
Dakota Arts DAK
Dali's Llama DLI
Dallas Blues Society DBS
Dangerbird DBD
Dank Or Die DOD
Darkroom Studios DRK
Date DAT
Day Eight DAE
Dbk Works DWO
Dc Jazz DCJ
Dd172 DDU
De Priest DEP
Dead Eye DER
Death Valley Records DVY
Decaydance/columbia DCY
Decca DCC
Decca DCS
Decca DCA
Decca U.s. DCU
Decibel DCB
Decon DCN
Dedication Records DED
Dee Jay DEE
Deep Soul DPS
Def Jam DEF
Defacto Music Group DMG
Defend Music DFN
Del Val DVA
Delmark DMK
Delta Groove Music DGP
Demon DEM
Desperado Rec. DES
Destroy DSY
Deutsche Grammophon DGN
Deutsche Grammophon DEU
Devil Doll DDO
Devil's Jukebox DJB
Devoted Ruins DVT
Di Lusso Ent. DLE
Diablo DBO
Dialtone Records DTO
Diamond Cut DCP
Diamond Soul DMD
Diamonds DIA
Diamondstack Prod. DSC
Dice Records DIC
Die Laughing DLA
Diet Toad DIE
Dill DIL
Din Records DNS
Dine Alone Records DAR
Disembodied Records DSE
Disgusto DIS
Disques Corde DSQ
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