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Cover Title Artist Name Fmt Price
[9] Subliminal Colley Quartet, Scott CD $18.98 
click name [5] Slow Hot Wind Conte Quartet, Dick CD $9.98 
click name [5] Too Late Old Man Hogg, Andrew "smokey" LP $17.98 
click name [5] Reverence Scott, Kendrick CD $18.98 
click name [5] Love Dance Goines Quartet, Victor CD $18.98 
click name [5] Hoop Dreams Magnarelli Quartet, Joe CD $18.98 
click name [5] Give 'n' Go Mccaslin Quartet/quintet, Donny CD $18.98 
click name [5] Views Van Ruller Quartet, Jesse CD $18.98 
click name [5] On Target Swana Quartet, John CD $18.98 
[5] Art Of The Invisible Rogers Quartet, Adam CD $18.98 
[5] Pharoah's Children Allen Quartet / Quintet, J.d. CD $18.98 
[5] Man Of Many Colors Weiskopf Quartet, Walt CD $18.98 
[5] Systems Blue Davis Quartet, Steve CD $18.98 
click name [5] Here And There Van Ruller Quartet/trio, Jesse CD $18.98 
[5] The Dream Kisor Quartet, Ryan CD $18.98 
[5] Hieroglyphica Herwig Quartet, Conrad CD $18.98 
[5] Power Source Kisor Quartet, Ryan CD $18.98 
[5] Through The Shadows Wendholt, Scott CD $18.98 
[5] The Scheme Of Things Wendholt, Scott CD $18.98 
click name [5] The Monster Returns Quartet Of Happiness, The CD $15.98 
click name [5] Seven Steps To Heaven Featuring Tom Scott Feldman, Victor With Tom Scott CD $10.98 
[5] With Ease Lee, Scott CD $14.98 
click name [5] Take Note! Hofmann Quartet, Holly LP $14.98 
click name [5] Live In Bern Hamilton, Scott & Jeff Hamilton Trio CD $15.98 
click name [5] Live Weiskopf Quartet, Walt CD $15.98 
click name [5] Further Adventures Holly Hofmann Quartet CD $15.98 
click name [5] A Walkin' Thing Scott, Shirley CD $16.98 
click name [5] 'round Midnight Modern Jazz Quartet, The CD $12.98 
click name [5] Moonlight In Vermont Mulligan Quartet, Gerry CD $12.98 
click name [5] Skylark Scott, Shirley CD $12.98 
click name [5] Ronnie Scott And His American Friends Scott, Ronnie CD $12.98 
click name [5] Riggs Rags Saxetexas Saxophone Quartet CD $15.98 
[5] The Light Of The Sun
    (Pre-Order Only)
Scott, Jill LP $43.98 
[5] Grass Roots Hill, Andrew LP $29.98 
click name [5] Live At The Otto Club Irby Quartet, Sherman CD $16.98 
click name [5] The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Scott-heron, Gil LP $28.98 
click name [5] The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Scott-heron, Gil CD $16.98 
click name [5] Small Talk At 125th And Lenox Scott-heron, Gil CD $12.98 
click name [5] Free Will Scott-heron, Gil CD $12.98 
click name [5] Pieces Of A Man Scott-heron, Gil CD $12.98 
click name [5] A Few Useful Tips About Living Underground Taylor Quartet, James CD $16.98 
click name [5] 1987 Taylor, James Quartet CD $16.98 
click name [5] Hard! Chase Quartet, Tommy CD $12.98 
click name [5] When You Are Who You Are - Free Will (alt Take 1) Scott-heron, Gil 7 $12.98 
click name [5] Free Will Scott-heron, Gil LP $33.98 
click name [5] The Revolution Begins Scott-heron, Gil CX $34.98 
click name [5] Pieces Of A Man Scott-heron, Gil LP $33.98 
[5] Presenting Jack Scott Scott, Jack TC $12.98 
[5] Don't Turn Your Back On Me Scott Taylor LP $6.98 
click name [5] Promised Land Land Quartet, Harold CD $14.98 
click name [5] The Eddie Miller Quartet Plays Mostly Ellington Miller Quartet, Eddie CD $15.98 
click name [5] Guitars Anyone? / Swing, Guitars Barnes, George & Carl Kress Duo / George Barnes Second Quartet CD $15.98 
click name [5] Fonk Update White, Andrew LP $15.98 
click name [5] Who Got De Funk? White, Andrew LP $15.98 
click name [5] Out Of The Afternoon Haynes Quartet, Roy LP $72.98 
click name [5] Yellow Dog Blues Ewell Quartet, Don LP $51.98 
[5] Hiding In Plain Sight Whitfield, Scott CD $15.98 
[5] To Be There Whitfield, Scott CD $15.98 
click name [5] Homage - A Tribute To Detroit Armenian Musicians Topouzian Quartet, Ara CD $16.98 
click name [5] Scott Walker Meets Jacques Brel Walker, Scott - Jacques Brel CD $20.98 
click name [5] Blues Sensation - Detroit Downhome Recordings 1948-49 Cotton, Sylvester & Andrew Dunham CD $16.98 
click name [5] Near Life Experience Kinsey, Scott CD $16.98 
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