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Cover Title Artist Name Fmt Price
click name [27] The Mgm Recordings
    (Limited Stock)
Forrester, Howard "howdy" CD $16.98 
click name [5] In The Solo Spotlight
    (Limited Stock)
Rumsey's Lighthouse All-stars, Howard LP $38.98 
click name [5] Purcell: Airs And Duets
    (Limited Stock)
Dooley, Jeffrey & Howard Crook CD $15.98 
click name [5] 1936-1937
    (Limited Stock)
Howard, Bob CD $15.98 
click name [5] 1937-1947
    (Limited Stock)
Howard, Bob CD $15.98 
click name [5] The Magic Band Ii Roberts, Howard CD $17.98 
click name [5] The Magic Band: Live At Donte's Roberts, Howard CD $17.98 
click name [5] Bobby's Blues Forrester, Bobby CD $15.98 
click name [5] Never Mind The Country The Howard Way CD $24.98 
click name [5] They Call It The Patriot Act, But How Can A Patriot Act That Way? Glazer, Howard DS $9.98 
click name [5] Famous Door Ace Guitarists Alden, Howard - Lloyd Ellis - Cal Collins CX $33.98 
click name [5] I Learned It All The Hard Way Tate, Howard LP $22.98 
click name [5] The Many Moods Of The Mysterious Howard Crockett Crockett, Howard CD $20.98 
[5] Strung Out On The Blues Howard & The White Boys CD $17.98 
[5] Organic Chemistry Forrester, Bobby CD $17.98 
[5] James Newton Howard & Friends Howard, James Newton CD $39.98 
click name [5] Looking In The Mirror Glazer, Howard CD $17.98 
click name [5] Stepchild Of The Blues Glazer, Howard CD $17.98 
click name [5] The Hottest Trumpet: The Kid Howard Story Howard, Kid TC $23.98 
click name [5] All I Ask Is Love Greene, Bob / Bobby Gordon / Howard Alden CD $17.98 
click name [5] Kid Howard At San Jacinto Hall Howard, Kid CD $16.98 
[5] Louie Bluie Armstrong, Howard CD $15.98 
click name [5] Out Of Bounds - The Johnny Horton Connection Crockett, Howard CD $18.98 
click name [5] Western String & Steel Instrumentals White, Howard CD $18.98 
click name [5] Kid Howard's New Orleans Band, 1962 Howard, Kid CD $16.98 
click name [5] Olympia Band & Sam Morgan Revisited Howard, Kid CD $16.98 
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