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Cover Title Artist Name Fmt Price
click name [9] Swinging On A Star Feldman, Victor CD $14.98 
click name [5] Fantastic Party - Give Me Some Lovin' Carpenborg, Scott And The Electric Corona - The Projection Company CD $15.98 
click name [5] From The Nest Julius Victor CD $15.98 
click name [5] The Curate's Egg Gibney, Tom / David Jones / Heather Wood CD $17.98 
[5] From Lake Mary
    (Pre-Order Only)
Dunbar, Scott LP $21.98 
click name [5] The Complete Hits Of Linda Scott Scott, Linda CD $18.98 
[5] What Goes Unsaid Wendholt, Scott CD $17.98 
[5] Diggin' In, Digging Out Cohen, Tom CD $17.98 
[5] Beyond Thursday Wendholt, Scott CD $17.98 
[5] Live In Bremen Germany 1983
    (Pre-Order Only)
Gil Scott-heron LP $28.98 
click name [5] In Concert Shizzoe, Hank & Loose Gravel With Sonny Landreth CD $22.98 
click name [5] Earthlings Gould, Victor CD $19.98 
click name [5] Reverence Scott, Kendrick CD $19.98 
click name [5] Love Dance Goines Quartet, Victor CD $19.98 
click name [5] New Adventures Goines Quartet, Victor CD $19.98 
[5] Subliminal Colley Quartet, Scott CD $19.98 
click name [5] From Now On... Wendholt, Scott CD $19.98 
[5] Through The Shadows Wendholt, Scott CD $19.98 
click name [5] Straight Street Williams, Tom CD $19.98 
[5] The Scheme Of Things Wendholt, Scott CD $19.98 
click name [5] Good Company Brown, Ted With Jimmy Raney CD $19.98 
[5] Moon Alley Harrell, Tom Garrett, Kenny Barron, Kenny CD $19.98 
click name [5] People I Like Blueprint Project With Han Bennink, The CD $17.98 
click name [5] String Of Pearls - 1946 & 1947 Modernaires With Paula Kelly CD $17.98 
click name [5] Taarab Ilyas, Mohamed With Nyota Zameremeta Orchestra CD $16.98 
click name [5] A Gentle Time - When Sunny Meets Tom Wilkinson, Sunny & Tom Garvin CD $16.98 
[5] The Sun Shop Hynes, Tom CD $16.98 
[5] Some Other Time Kelly, Julie Garvin, Tom CD $16.98 
click name [5] Live In Bern Hamilton, Scott & Jeff Hamilton Trio CD $17.98 
click name [5] Smoke And Mirrors Richards, Tom Orchestra CD $17.98 
click name [5] Tales Of Love And Longing Cooper, Sheila With Fritz Pauer CD $17.98 
click name [5] You Don't Know Nothing Bey, Frank With The Anthony Paule Band CD $14.98 
click name [5] The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Scott-heron, Gil LP $28.98 
click name [5] The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Scott-heron, Gil CD $16.98 
click name [5] Small Talk At 125th And Lenox Scott-heron, Gil CD $12.98 
click name [5] Free Will Scott-heron, Gil CD $12.98 
click name [5] Pieces Of A Man Scott-heron, Gil CD $12.98 
click name [5] When You Are Who You Are - Free Will (alt Take 1) Scott-heron, Gil 7 $12.98 
click name [5] Free Will Scott-heron, Gil LP $33.98 
click name [5] The Revolution Begins Scott-heron, Gil CX $34.98 
click name [5] It's Not That Easy / Hummin' A Sad Song Reuben, Bell With The Casanovas 7 $17.98 
click name [5] Rock Knox, Buddy & Jimmy Bowen With The Rhythm Orchids CD $19.98 
click name [5] When A Guitar Plays The Blues Johnson, Roy Lee With Guest Curtis Smith CD $19.98 
[5] Presenting Jack Scott Scott, Jack TC $12.98 
[5] Don't Turn Your Back On Me Scott Taylor LP $6.98 
click name [5] Remembering Mabel Mercer Breach, Joyce With The Keith Ingham Trio CD $17.98 
click name [5] I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire Page, Patti With Lou Stein CD $16.98 
click name [5] "the Heart And Soul" Of Connie Haines, Connie With The Russ Case Orchestra CD $17.98 
click name [5] Ld+3 Donaldson, Lou With The 3 Sounds CD $35.98 
click name [5] Louis Nelson With Sam Dutrey Nelson, Louis With Sam Dutrey CD $17.98 
[5] The Kid Thomas Band With Raymond Burke Thomas Band, Kid With Raymond Burke CD $17.98 
click name [5] 1949/1950 Lewis, George Band With Elmer Talbert CD $17.98 
click name [5] Puedo Ver Tu Mente Cuzo With Damo Suzuki LP $32.98 
click name [5] Dude Manor Living With Lions CD $11.98 
click name [5] Scott Walker Meets Jacques Brel Walker, Scott - Jacques Brel CD $20.98 
click name [5] The Federal Singles Royals, The With Hank Ballard CD $16.98 
click name [5] Human Element Kinsey, Scott / Matthew Garrison / Gary Novak / Arto Tuncboyaciyan CD $17.98 
click name [5] Kinesthetics Kinsey, Scott CD $20.98 
click name [5] Three Movements Sonar With David Torn CD $21.98 
click name [5] The Bill Laswell Mix Translations Sonar With David Torn LP $29.98 
click name [5] The Veneer Of Logic Henderson, Matte With Marco Minneman CV $17.98 
click name [5] Last Night Blues Hopkins, Lightnin' With Sonny Terry LP $23.98 
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